Creative Production

Production: Connecting Creative and Marketing + Procurement

By Audrey Amselli

Production is the connecting point that brings the goals together from the brand teams, creatives, media and let’s not forget – procurement.

Mat Mildenhall of eg+ worldwide: Flipping the production model

By Leah Montebello

Mat Mildenhall, Chief Client Officer at eg+ worldwide, discusses flipping the production model, tech driven content creation, a global network of -in-market’ experts and the benefits to marketing procurement.


In-Housing: Work out your ‘why’

By Andy Hammerton

There are various motives to in-housing. Control, cost, transparency and performance. All are valid but they’re not all necessarily comfortable bedfellows.



When corporate and in-house agency cultures collide

By Annette Frem & Derek Whitehead

Establishing in-house creative departments is at an all-time high. It comes with the promise of a steady stream of campaigns and content, work efficiency and cost control. A no-brainer, surely? So why is it so much easier to imagine than to actually do?

Ethics & Ecology

Ethical Advertising: Marketing Procurement can play a key role to effect change

By Jake Dubbins & Tina Fegent

Conscious Advertising Network calls on marketing procurement to ensure all RFPs, contracts and audits enshrine ethical advertising standards


AdGreen readies carbon calculator as Nestlé and Unilever amongst the first to commit to advertising levy

AdGreen has announced its carbon calculator will launch this September and will be free at the point of use for all in the UK advertising industry, with the levy being introduced from June 1st.


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