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Danone and Travlrr talk about the ‘Sustainable Remote’ advertising production model

Ezio Saponari, global category manager for advertising at Danone and Darren Khan, managing director and Founder of Travlrr sat down to discuss the often complex relationship between ad production and sustainability.

Could the world’s first sustainable automotive production solution significantly cut carbon emissions and travel costs?

MPC and Travlrr launch Sustainable Automotive Production Solutions to support a more sustainable and greener way to produce automotive content.


In-Housing: Work out your ‘why’

By Andy Hammerton

There are various motives to in-housing. Control, cost, transparency and performance. All are valid but they’re not all necessarily comfortable bedfellows.



In-House Agencies – How did we get here and do they really deliver ‘more for less’?

By Ayo Hughes

Marketing Procurement set up third party supplier deals to build in-house agencies as brands increasingly take direct control of producing TV commercials and branded video content.



Ethics & Ecology

UK Ad Industry gets behind implementing Ad Net Zero in run up to COP26

Ad Net Zero announces supporter base in a critical year for climate action as industry is encouraged to make substantial gear-change in run-up to COP26

Ethical Advertising: Marketing Procurement can play a key role to effect change

By Jake Dubbins & Tina Fegent

Conscious Advertising Network calls on marketing procurement to ensure all RFPs, contracts and audits enshrine ethical advertising standards



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