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Localization: Six key lessons learned over fifteen years

By Simon Toaldo

As the localization division at eg+ celebrates its fifteenth birthday, Simon Toaldo considers some of the key lessons that have been learned along the way.

Resource Management: What is it and what does it bring to creative operations?

By Jo Petroccia

What is resource management and how does it improve the performance of creative operations?




In-Housing: Work out your ‘why’

By Andy Hammerton

There are various motives to in-housing. Control, cost, transparency and performance. All are valid but they’re not all necessarily comfortable bedfellows.



In-House Agencies – How did we get here and do they really deliver ‘more for less’?

By Ayo Hughes

Marketing Procurement set up third party supplier deals to build in-house agencies as brands increasingly take direct control of producing TV commercials and branded video content.



Ethics & Ecology

UK Ad Industry gets behind implementing Ad Net Zero in run up to COP26

Ad Net Zero announces supporter base in a critical year for climate action as industry is encouraged to make substantial gear-change in run-up to COP26

Ethical Advertising: Marketing Procurement can play a key role to effect change

By Jake Dubbins & Tina Fegent

Conscious Advertising Network calls on marketing procurement to ensure all RFPs, contracts and audits enshrine ethical advertising standards


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