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AdGreen readies carbon calculator as Nestlé and Unilever amongst the first to commit to advertising levy

AdGreen has announced its carbon calculator will launch this September and will be free at the point of use for all in the UK advertising industry, with the levy being introduced from June 1st.

Could the world’s first sustainable automotive production solution significantly cut carbon emissions and travel costs?

MPC and Travlrr launch Sustainable Automotive Production Solutions to support a more sustainable and greener way to produce automotive content.

Music Licensing

Music Licensing Rights: The Use of Old Music in Times of Crisis

By Richard Kirstein

Music catalogs containing older songs and recordings may have changed hands over the years. This can result in a more complex clearance process and refusal by licensors to provide proper license warranties and indemnities to licensee advertisers

Music Licensing in the US & UK – Two Countries Divided By A Common Language

By Richard Kirstein

The new second edition of Music Rights Without Fights guides marketing and marketing procurement through the complex web of music rights licensing, highlighting the key differences between US and UK/Europe practice.

Bid Management

Bid Management: Transparency in the bidding process for creative production: Part One

The best path for producing content doesn’t necessarily come from the creative agency that developed the idea, according to Advertising Production Resources (APR). Is it time to break the traditional silos and models?

Bid Management: Transparency in the bidding process for creative production: Part Two

Advertising Production Resources (APR) sets out a perspective on bid management tools in the video production process

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