In-House Talent Acquisition

Ebiquity combines cost data with attention economics to better measure campaign effectiveness

By Leah Montebello

The Challenge of Attention report: Ebiquity brings attention economics into advertising.

Lack of existing talent hindering the impact of in-housing for a fifth of the marketing teams

A new report from Bannerflow has revealed that a lack of existing talent and skills has been cited as the biggest barrier standing in the way of building competent in-housing teams for marketers.

Programmatic media buying guide: Fixing the leaky bucket

By Jide Sobo

How to optimise value from programmatic media buying

Media: In or Out?

By Brian Jacobs

In a recent Cog Blog, Brian Jacobs looks at the latest ISBA / PwC research on programmatic advertising and asks what impact the level of client/ agency engagement has on media effectiveness.

Influencer Maeasurement

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