Diversity: Brand Advance and Teads Announce New Global Partnership

Leading diversity specialist teams with global media platform to increase revenue to minority publishers and connect brands to diverse audience in first of its kind deal.

EACA launches new “Media Auditing Guidelines”

The guidelines aim to ensure a minimum industry code of conduct for agencies, advertisers and media auditors.

Media transparency in the post-pandemic climate: What advertisers and agencies must address

By Stephen Broderick

In a post-pandemic world, Stephen Broderick outlines COVID’s effect on the marketing and advertising sector and the key issues which both industries now need to focus on.

Cliff Campeau on media management in a post-pandemic world 

Cliff Campeau, Principal at Advertising Audit & Risk Management (AARM), on the state of media management and how clients have adapted in the past 18 months.

What Role Will Media Agencies Carve Out for Themselves?

By Cliff Campeau

Discussing how media agencies will distinguish themselves, and their client offerings, to protect their share of the media services market moving forward.

Media KPIs That Matter: the gap between what’s important and what is done

Producers & Procurers iQ listened in on Tom Denford and David Indo’s recent MediaSnack Live webinar, which highlighted the recent ANA findings on how media KPIs can be done better.

Ebiquity combines cost data with attention economics to better measure campaign effectiveness

By Leah Montebello

The Challenge of Attention report: Ebiquity brings attention economics into advertising.

Influencer Measurement

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