2022 ANA In-House Agency Conference Review

By Andrea Ruskin

From the ANA’s In-House Agency conference, Blum’s Andrea Ruskin reports on the California event.


Bannerflow: A deep dive into The State of In-House 2022 report

By Maddy Smith

We look at Bannerflow/Digiday’s 2022 The State of In-House report, with comments and case studies from Arla Foods and HSBC International to ComeOn Group, Media.Monks and The Observatory International.

Andrea Ruskin: On an in-house mission

By Leah Montebello & Maddy Smith

Andrea Ruskin, co-founder of Blum Consulting, discusses the key to IHA success, mission statements, strong leadership and inclusivity.

Emma Sexton: championing in-house agencies and a flexible workplace

By Leah Montebello

Emma Sexton on founding the IHA’s ‘Inside Out Awards’, to gaining B Corp status for her self-made Hands Down Agency.

New report reveals continued growth of IHAs against tighter marketing budgets

We Are Amnet’s 2022 report, “The State of the Industry: Producing Creative Content Now and in The Future” pulls together a number of recent surveys to analyse growth trends and operational pressures facing IHAs in 2022.

What to consider when setting up an in-house agency

By Stephan Argent

Outlining the top considerations when setting up an in-house agency for your business.

When corporate and in-house agency cultures collide

By Annette Frem & Derek Whitehead

Establishing in-house creative departments is at an all-time high. It comes with the promise of a steady stream of campaigns and content, work efficiency and cost control. A no-brainer, surely? So why is it so much easier to imagine than to actually do?

What Makes A Great In-House Creative Director?

By Andy Epstein 

Determining what the role of a Creative Director should look like in a post pandemic world.

The rise of the UK in-house agency

Robert Berkeley, CEO of Express KCS, outlines the key differences between the US and UK in-house agency landscape.


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