The rise of the UK in-house agency

Robert Berkeley, CEO of Express KCS, outlines the key differences between the US and UK in-house agency landscape.

When corporate and in-house agency cultures collide

By Annette Frem & Derek Whitehead

Establishing in-house creative departments is at an all-time high. It comes with the promise of a steady stream of campaigns and content, work efficiency and cost control. A no-brainer, surely? So why is it so much easier to imagine than to actually do?

The Five pillars of the In-House Agency value proposition

By Andy Epstein

What’s next for In-House Agencies?

In-Housing: Work out your ‘why’

By Andy Hammerton

There are various motives to in-housing. Control, cost, transparency and performance. All are valid but they’re not all necessarily comfortable bedfellows.



The In-House Agency advantage

By Andrea Ruskin & T Alex Blum

In a recent ANA report over 50% of brands surveyed identified their in-house agencies as the “most important” resource for producing new creative assets



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