WFA define eleven world-class standards for marketing procurement

To drive improvement, marketing procurement needs to ensure that everyone is talking the same language. To that end the WFA’s Global Sourcing Board has created eleven common definitions for key terms.

Ethical Advertising: Marketing Procurement can play a key role to effect change

By Jake Dubbins & Tina Fegent

Conscious Advertising Network calls on marketing procurement to ensure all RFPs, contracts and audits enshrine ethical advertising standards


‘Big Four Only’ compliance audit clauses: Are they still a problem for advertisers?

By Adrian Jenkins

Some agency groups are still imposing restrictions on their client’s choice of compliance auditor to just the ‘Big Four’. Should marketing procurement reject these terms?

Is there now an opportunity for “Marketing Procurement” to really reinvent itself?

By Kate Broughton

Will COVID-19 turn the clock back to a cost and savings focus or accelerate necessary change towards value and growth?


In-House agencies: A win for marketing procurement?

By Bruno Gralpois

Are in-house agencies an asset to marketing procurement professionals?

SRM: Why supplier relationship management matters

By Dana Small

I’ve said it, my boss has said it, and even previous bosses and colleagues have said it. It is your business to lose (incumbents).

Global Agency Relations Management – Acceleration of Change

By Jim Wallace

WFA survey researches the future roles and responsibilities for managing global agencies

Procurement has room to improve on gender diversity

By Sarah Scudder

Two studies have found that there is some good news about the evolving role of women in procurement but that more work is needed.

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