How to Make Marketing Supplier Diversity Meaningful

R3’s new report addresses how teams can improve their marketing supplier programs in a comprehensive way.

“The Sustainable Marketer”: Talking the talk or Walking the walk? 

By Leah Montebello

Simon Francis, CEO, discusses Flock Associates’ “The Sustainable Marketer” White Paper and how marketers need to take sustainability seriously.


Denise Carter: Representative images are just the start for true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Denise Carter, VP, Diversity and Communications at designory, eg+ worldwide and mother tongue gives her very personal view about DE&I, why it’s good for business and why effective DE&I is just the beginning not the end

Holding a mirror to itself: WFA launches the first global census of DE&I for the marketing and advertising industry

In partnership with Campaign, Kantar and agencies associations EACA and VoxComm, WFA introduces a new global industry census.

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