Procurement: Marketing’s first line of defence

A comprehensive whitepaper from R3 Worldwide examines how to optimize procurement for marketing, building a mutually supportive relationship between both parties which cannot be underestimated.


Golden Ratios: The end of the 80/20 rule in planning marketing investment

By Laetitia Zinetti & Mike Campbell

In this paper Ebiquity explore why it is now time for brands to rethink the use of golden ratios


Pathfinding study lays down a challenge the industry will strive to meet

By Phil Smith

A groundbreaking study by ISBA shines light on need for reform.

Time for change and transparency in programmatic advertising

By Abi Gibbons

Groundbreaking study from ISBA  shines light on need for reform.

Video Production: A marketer’s guide to Briefing, Budgeting, Transparency and Sustainability

By Darren Khan

If you’re planning on producing a video in-house, without an agency and with a budget of between £10k and £100k, here are some useful tips.


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