UGC: What really is User-Generated Content?

By Gianna Fornesi

Why do advertisers want to use UGC so badly? We explore its authentic storytelling and the decline of celebrity influencer trust.

CMP: What is a Creative Management Platform?

By Mark Haddon

It’s an ad tech term that has grown rapidly within digital advertising circles but what exactly is a creative management platform, or CMP? And why does every marketing team need one?

Translation: Brand language in market – how to avoid expensive mistakes

By Mark Alford

If a brand wants volume and cheap, use translators or even a machine tool. To truly speak in the market language engage a specialist transcreation agency.

Digital Asset Management: What Is The Digital Asset Supply Chain?

By Ralph Windsor

With the explosion in content creation, broadcast channels and social networks DAM sits at the heart of marketing and creative operations. But how do you create a Digital Asset Supply Chain?

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